IR(R)/IMC Rating

The IMC rating qualifies you to fly IFR in Class D to G airspace together with making instrument approaches down to an absolute minimum of 500 feet for a precision approach and 600 feet for a non precision approach.

The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours of dual instruction, a written exam and a flight test.  Instruction includes :

  • Instrument flying (full and limited panel)
  • Unusual attitude recoveries
  • Instrument approaches (ILS, NDB, VOR, SRA)
  • Radio navigation

Validity is for 25 months and revalidated by test.

Prior to applying for the rating you must have 25 hours flying time since PPL issue, of which 10 hours must be PIC including 5 hours cross country. 

The IMC rating is recorded on your EASA licence as an IR(R).

Please note the IR(R) cannot be added to a LAPL and can only be used in UK airspace.