Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a flying lesson?
You can either buy your flying lesson online, and then call us on 01273 463101 to arrange the date and time, or call us on 01273 463101 and we’ll handle everything over the phone and answer any questions you have.

Can I buy a gift voucher?
Yes, you can either call us or order your gift voucher online and we’ll send it to you in the post.

How long are vouchers valid for?
The vouchers are valid for 9 months.

Can I choose where I fly to?
Yes this is normally possible subject to airspace and weather restrictions on the day.  Your instructor will discuss this with you before the flight.  You can choose from a variety of pre planned routes or tailor your own in discussion with your instructor.

What if the weather is bad on the day?
We ask that you call the office on the day of your flight to check the weather conditions.  If conditions are not suitable for flying that day we will re-book the flight for you at no extra cost.

Can I take photographs on the flight?
Yes please do !

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes and practical footwear.  Please no high heels or flip flops. 

If I decide I want to learn to fly, does the air experience count towards the licence?
Yes ! Provided you are aged 14 or over, the time you have in the air can be your very first entry in your Pilot’s logbook.