“I was lucky enough to have had and flown with Pete as my instructor during my PPL(A) training and more recently whilst doing a conversion onto a different aircraft.

Extremely knowledgeable, Pete’s calm, supportive and friendly manner is exactly what you need from an instructor and I have no hesitation in whole heartedly recommending him and his flying school to anyone wanting to learn to fly, build experience, add ratings or just have a unique flying experience.”
Michael Hayward

“Pete is an excellent instructor and examiner. He puts you completely at ease and teaches you in a very professional and encouraging way.

I can highly recommend Pete and Brighton Aviation to anyone wanting to obtain a Private Pilots Licence, renew, revalidate or add additional ratings to a Licence or just to go flying for fun occasionally with a very experienced pilot and instructor/ examiner.”
Geoff Patterson, recently retired B747 Captain

“I hadn’t seen Peter for many years, and hadn’t flown for eight years. I was excited and nervous – would I remember the basics, would I be embarrassed, would I enjoy flying after so many years??

Within seconds of meeting up with Peter (and Dawn), I was completely at ease – discussing what I would like to do over a cup of tea. Plans made, we walked out to his well equipped PA28, and I felt completely comfortable in the left seat. Peter talked me through the preflight and engine start, and there I was – taxying towards the runway… The aircraft is very stable in the air with good visibility, and it felt so reassuring to have Peter’s jolly but professional guidance beside me.

After an all too short hour, we were back on the ground again – exhilarated and wanting more please!!!!! I would recommend anybody who wants to experience the thrill of flight – be it for an hour or to renew an old rating, be guided by someone who has done it – trust Peter…you won’t regret one moment, and you’ll be bitten by the flying bug! Thank you – and see you there at Brighton Aviation.”
Simon Rooney

“I have no hesitation in recommending Pete as a flying instructor, I have just done a check out with him in my own aircraft and he is the kind of instructor that makes you feel totally at ease, I have had a PPL licence for 40 years and flown with a number of instructors over the years and Pete is amongst my short list as the best.”
Alberto Namihas

It was just great. Peter is a great teacher and explained everything so well before and during the flight that even I understood everything. It was a lot of fun to be able to land and take off the plane with the help of Peter. I rarely make recommendations, but I can recommend Peter as a flight instructor.

Elli Reichert

Such a Great experience, really recommend to everyone who can do it . And the guys are very nice there as well

Ali Ghanim